Friday, March 24, 2006

100 Things about Me

1/ I [used to] play the banjo.

2/ when my kids are older, I will again.

3/ I love covers, the weirder, the better.

4/ I collect covers of “These Boots are Made for Walkin’”.

5/ I am a librarian.

6/ My favorite job was working for the Library of Congress.

7/ I don’t have time to read books.

8/ I have 3 sons.

9/ Each of my sons were born on the birthday of someone dear to us.

10 / I grew up in Washington D.C.

11/ I was born in The Bay Area, and live there now.

12/ I went to Montessori school until 10th grade.

13/ I have studied Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, German and Modern Greek.

14/ I am not fluent in any of them.

15/ I am addicted to knitting.

16/ I love afternoon tea.

17/ I met my DH at U.C.L.A.

18/ We’ve been together most of the time since.

19/ I was a college radio D.J. at two stations.

20/ I had a show dedicated to covers.

21/ I have had a covers website since 1998.

22/ My favorite cover is “Alone Again Or” by the Damned.

23/ I have been on two game shows.

24/ I got to the last round of one, but didn’t win.

25/ I love the ‘80s.

26/ Is the day of my birth.

27/ I don’t celebrate birthdays anymore.

28/ Or divulge how tall (“short”) I am.

29/ My favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan.

30/ I really wanted to name one of my sons “Reuben”. (J.G. joke)

31/ My favorite author is Roald Dahl.

32/ My favorite author who acts is Crispin Glover.

33/ I have seen Crispin glover perform 3 times and met him once.

34/ Every time I visit L.A. I have to have a star sighting.

35/ My favorite cancelled TV show is “It’s Like … You Know”.

36/ and anything by the “Freaks and Geeks” creator.

37/ My favorite current TV show is “The Office”.

38/ One of my favorite movies is “Bottle Rocket”.

39/ Another is “The Warriors”.

40/ I own “The Warriors” on laserdisc.

41/ and its soundtrack on vinyl.

42/ I have too many favorite bands to count.

43/ One is The Ophelias.

44/ I am a natural blonde.

45/ It can be rather boring.

46/ My favorite color is red.

47/ and black.

48/ I started wearing “all black” in 1987.

49/ Except my hair which will go there eventually (Thanks Suicide Girls!).

50/ Until I moved [back] to California, I never wore jeans.

51/ I love [Round Table] pizza.

52/ They didn’t hire me to be their librarian!

53/ I wouldn’t have liked the commute anyway.

54/ I’m a picky eater.

55/ I have a huge sweet tooth.

56/ I’m baking right now.

57/ I love polka.

58/ And ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

59/ When he was unattached, I secretly wanted to leave my DH for him.

60/ Or at least play banjo in his band.

61/ My DH works in the video game industry.

62/ We rarely play video games.

63/ But I do study them in graduate school.

64/ Hopefully someday I’ll finish my degree.

65/ I’m in my 5th year of a 1 year program.

66/ I also love the sound of film and television.

67/ Walter Murch is a genius.

68/ I have 3 tattoos.

69/ I plan on getting 2 more.

70/ I hate that they have become so popular.

71/ DH, DSs and I have a [tiny] house in the Bay Area.

72/ We are not rich.

73/ I do hope to move back to the city when I go back to work.

74/ I miss public transportation.

75/ Although I do love my Honda Pilot.

76/ We had to get a vehicle to fit 3 boys and their carseats.

77/ I was carjacked, and then got my Honda Accord back.

78/ I had it for another 5 years before having to upgrade.

79/ I am not a vegetarian.

80/ I hate when “vegetarians” eat seafood.

81/ I don’t eat seafood.

82/ I’m afraid of crabs.

83/ Yes, I did spend much of my childhood in Maryland.

84/ I don’t like bugs or rodents that much either.

85/ I miss Maryland, but not driving in snow.

86/ I went to the University of Maryland.

87/ I have a degree in Linguistics.

88/ I worked at Maryland’s library school, but went to U.C.L.A. for my library degree.

89/ I specialized in cataloging non-print media.

90/ I love all kinds of library work.

91/ But not the lack of respect libraries and librarians get.

92/ I hated “Party Girl”.

93/ Although I do like the U2 song of the same name.

94/ I would never catalog my albums in the Dewey Decimal System.

95/ I have seen all of the Almodovar movies.

96/ My favorite is “Laberinto de Pasiones”.

97/ Even though my kids get up really early, I stay up really late.

98/ I am not a morning person.

99/ I hear “I’m an Adult Now” by The Pursuit of Happiness in my head right now.

100/ I am done!

My dream yarns ...

Artfibers Ming in color 10
Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk, #23
Blue Sky Cotton, #613 or #619
Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted, #2006 or #2000
Brown Sheep Wool Handpaint Originals in Strawberry Patch
Classic Elite Inca Print, #4652
Fibre Company Terra in Madder
Fibre Company Organik in black or dark red
Fiesta Yarns Watermark in Poppies
Fleece Artist Merino Socks in Ruby Red or Raspberry
Furryarns MaineBear SOX1 in color Myst
Furryarns MainStream 2ply wool in color Martian or Myst
Louisa Harding Grace Wool-Silk in #06 (red) or #10 (black)
Handmaiden Stretto (or Lady Godiva) in Berry
Malabrigo in Red Java or Geranio
Manos del Uruguay in Flame
SKnitches Sock yarn in Wickedness or Zombie
Sweet Sheep Sweet Sock in Angelica
Tilli Thomas Pure & Simple in American Beauty